FRANC3D/Classic Version 3.2 is a work-station based FRacture ANalysis Code for simulating arbitrary non-planar 3D crack growth that has been under development since 1987. OSM (Object Solid Modeler) is a pre-processor to FRANC3D/Classic for building the initial geometric model. FRANC3D/Classic provides a mechanism for representing the geometry and topology of 3D structures with arbitrary non-planar cracks, along with functionality for 1) discretizing or meshing the structure, 2) attaching boundary conditions at the geometry level and allowing the mesh to inherit these values, and 3) modifying the geometry to allow crack growth, but with only local remeshing required during crack growth. The simulation process is controlled by the user through a graphical user-interface, which includes windows for the display of the 3D structure and a menu and dialog-box system for interacting with the program. FRANC3D/Classic is not tied to a particular numerical analysis scheme or program, and is able to create either surface or volume meshes. Consequently, any 3D boundary or finite element program, capable of handling arbitrary crack geometries, could be used to determine the structural response.