Fulpal — An Interactive Method for Solving (Multiobjective) Fuzzy Linear Programming Problems. This paper presents a method for solving (multicriteria) linear programs, where the right-hand sides as well as the coefficients in the constraints and/or the objective function(s) may be fuzzy. This approach is based on a new interpretation of the inequality-relation “ ≦∼ ”. Here a fuzzy constraint is replaced by a crisp inequality and a fuzzy objective function (utility function). This interpretation coincides with the well-known concepts in crisp inequalities and in soft constraints. The decision procedure is modelled as an interactive man-machine process, called FULPAL (Fuzzy linear programming based on aspiration levels), which can be controlled by aspiration levels. This general method includes the procedure for solving LP-problems with soft constraints, proposed by ZIMMERMANN [1978],[ROMMELFANGER 1983], [WERNERS 1984] a.o.

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