Outward rotations

Outward rotations: a tool for rounding solutions of semidefinite programming relaxations, with applications to MAX CUT and other problems. We present a tool, outward rotations, for enhancing the performance of several semidefinite programming based approximation algorithms. Using outward rotations, we obtain an approximation algorithm for MAX CUT that, in many interesting cases, performs better than the algorithm of Goemans and Williamson. We also obtain an improved approximation algorithm for MAX NAE-f3g-SAT. Finally, we provide some evidence that outward rotations can also be used to obtain improved approximation algorithms for MAX NAE-SAT and MAX SAT. 1 Introduction MAX CUT is perhaps the simplest and most natural APX-complete constraint satisfaction problem (see, e.g., [AL97]). There are various simple ways of obtaining a performance guarantee of 1/2 for the problem. One of them, for example, is just choosing a random cut. No performance guarantee better than 1/2 was known for the problem until Goemans and Williamson [GW95], in a major breakthrough, used semidefinite programming to obtain an approximation algorithm ...

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.

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