The IAM-database: An English sentence database for offline handwriting recognition. In this paper we describe a database that consists of handwritten English sentences. It is based on the Lancaster-Oslo/Bergen (LOB) corpus. This corpus is a collection of texts that comprise about one million word instances. The database includes 1,066 forms produced by approximately 400 different writers. A total of 82,227 word instances out of a vocabulary of 10,841 words occur in the collection. The database consists of full English sentences. It can serve as a basis for a variety of handwriting recognition tasks. However, it is expected that the database would be particularly useful for recognition tasks where linguistic knowledge beyond the lexicon level is used, because this knowledge can be automatically derived from the underlying corpus. The database also includes a few image-processing procedures for extracting the handwritten text from the forms and the segmentation of the text into lines and words

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