PRESENT is a new ultra lightweight block cipher algorithm, developed by the Orange Labs (France), Ruhr University Bochum (Germany) and the Technical University of Denmark. PRESENT is designed by Andrey Bogdanov, Lars R. Knudsen, Gregor Leander, Christof Paar, Axel Poschmann, Matthew J. B. Robshaw, Yannick Seurin, and C. Vikkelsoe. It is one of the most compact encryption methods ever designed and is 2.5 times smaller than AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).[1] The block size is 64 bits and the key size can be 80 bit or 128 bit. It is intended to be used in situations where low-power consumption and high chip efficiency is desired. The International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission included PRESENT in the new international standard for lightweight cryptographic methods

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