The R Commander (Fox, 2005) provides a graphical user interface (“GUI”) to the open-source R statistical. computing environment (R Core Team, 2013). R is a command-driven system, and new users often find learning R challenging. This is particularly true of those who are new to statistical methods, such as students Getting Started With the R Commander. in basic-statistics courses. By providing a point-and-click interface to R, the R Commander allows these users to focus on statistical methods rather than on remembering and generating R commands. Moreover, by rendering the generated commands visible to users, the R Commander has the potential for easing the transition to writing R commands, at least for some users. The R Commander, however, accesses only a small fraction of the capabilities of R and the literally thousands of R packages contributed by users to the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN). The R Commander is itself extensible through plug-in packages, and many such plug-ins are now available on CRAN (

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