ILUM: A multi-elimination ILU preconditioner for general sparse matrices Standard preconditioning techniques based on incomplete LU (ILU) factorizations offer a limited degree of parallelism, in general. A few of the alternatives advocated so far consist of either using some form of polynomial precoditioning or applying the usual ILU factorization to a matrix obtained from a multicolor ordering.par We present an incomplete factorization technique based on independent set orderings and multicoloring. We note that in order to improve robustness, it is necessary to allow the preconditioner to have an arbitrary high accuracy, as is done with ILUs based on threshold techniques. The ILUM factorization described in this paper is in this category. It can be viewed as a multifrontal version of a Gaussian elimination procedure with threshold dropping which has a high degree of potential parallelism.par The emphasis is on methods that deal specifically with general unstructured sparse matrices such as those arising from finite element methods on unstructured meshes.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.

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