VBFNLO: A parton level Monte Carlo for processes with electroweak bosons. Vbfnlo is a flexible parton level Monte Carlo program for the simulation of vector boson fusion (VBF), double and triple vector boson production (plus jet) in hadronic collisions at next-to-leading order (NLO) in the strong coupling constant, as well as Higgs boson plus two jet production via gluon fusion at the one-loop level. In the new release -- Version 2.6.0 -- several new processes have been added at NLO QCD: diboson production Wgamma, WZ, ZZ, Zgamma and gammagamma), same-sign W pair production via vector boson fusion and the triboson plus jet process Wgammagamma j. In addition, gluon induced diboson production has been implemented at the leading order (one-loop) level. The diboson processes WW, WZ and Wgamma can be run with anomalous gauge boson couplings, and anomalous couplings between a Higgs and a pair of gauge bosons is included in WW, ZZ, Zgamma and gammagamma diboson production. The code has also been extended to include anomalous couplings for single vector boson production via VBF, and a spin-2 model has been implemented for diboson pair production via vector boson fusion.

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