IPSSIS: an integrated multicriteria decision support system for equity portfolio construction and selection A fundamental principle of modern portfolio theory is that comparisons between portfolios are generally made using two criteria, corresponding to the first two moments of return distributions, namely the expected return and portfolio variance. According to this model and according to most of the portfolio models derived from the stochastic dominance approach, the group of portfolios open to comparisons is divided into two parts: on the one hand there are the efficient portfolios (those that are not dominated by any other portfolio in the group), and on the other, those that are dominated. In other words, these models do not solve for one optimal portfolio, but rather solve for an efficient set of portfolios, among which the investor must choose, given his preference system. One criticism over these models, which has often been addressed both by practitioners and academics, is that they fail to embody the objectives of the decision maker (DM), through the various stages of the decision process. Our purpose in this article is to present an integrated and innovative methodological approach for the construction and selection of equity portfolios, which will take into account the inherent multidimensional nature of the problem, while allowing the DM to incorporate his preferences in the decision process. The proposed approach, which grounds its basis on the field of multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) and more specifically on multiobjective mathematical programming (MMP), is implemented in the IPSSIS (Integrated Portfolio Synthesis and Selection Information System) decision support system (DSS). The validity of the proposed approach is tested through an illustrative application in the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE).

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