P3DFFT: A framework for parallel computations of Fourier transforms in three dimensions. Fourier and related transforms are a family of algorithms widely employed in diverse areas of computational science, notoriously difficult to scale on high-performance parallel computers with a large number of processing elements (cores). This paper introduces a popular software package called P3DFFT which implements fast Fourier transforms (FFTs) in three dimensions in a highly efficient and scalable way. It overcomes a well-known scalability bottleneck of three-dimensional (3D) FFT implementations by using two-dimensional domain decomposition. Designed for portable performance, P3DFFT achieves excellent timings for a number of systems and problem sizes. On a Cray XT5 system P3DFFT attains 45% efficiency in weak scaling from 128 to 65,536 computational cores. Library features include Fourier and Chebyshev transforms, Fortran and C interfaces, in- and out-of-place transforms, uneven data grids, and single and double precision. P3DFFT is available as open source at http://code.google.com/p/p3dfft/. This paper discusses P3DFFT implementation and performance in a way that helps guide the user in making optimal choices for parameters of their runs.

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