FeynArts is a Mathematica package for the generation and visualization of Feynman diagrams and amplitudes. It started out in 1990 as a Macsyma code written by Hagen Eck and Sepp Küblbeck which could produce tree-level and one-loop diagrams in the Standard Model [Kü90], but soon got ported to the Mathematica platform. In 1995, Hagen Eck designed the second version to be a fully general diagram generator. To achieve this, he implemented some decisive new ideas [Eck95], the most important one being the generation of diagrams in three levels. The program was taken up again in 1998 by Thomas Hahn who developed version 2.2. The well-designed conceptual framework was kept, but the actual code was reprogrammed almost entirely to make it more efficient and a user-friendly topology editor was added. The current version 3 features a completely new rendering engine for PostScript and LATEX, together with full support of the Mathematica Frontend’s graphical capabilities. It is also no longer dependent on the X platform for topology editing. Computer algebra system (CAS).

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