Beyond the minimal supersymmetric standard model: from theory to phenomenology. Thanks to the latest development in the field of Monte Carlo event generators and satellite programs allowing for a straightforward implementation of any beyond the standard model theory in those tools, studying the property of any softly-broken supersymmetric theory is become an easy task. We illustrate this statement in the context of two nonminimal supersymmetric theories, namely the minimal supersymmetric standard model with $R$-parity violation and the minimal $R$-symmetric supersymmetric standard model and choose to probe interaction vertices involving a nonstandard color structure and the sector of the top quark. We show how to efficiently implement these theories in the {sc Mathematica} package {sc FeynRules} and use its interfaces to Monte Carlo tools for phenomenological studies. For the latter, we employ the latest version of the {sc MadGraph} program.

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