LanHEP - a package for the automatic generation of Feynman rules in field theory Version 3.0. The LanHEP program version 3.0 for Feynman rules generation from the Lagrangian is described. It reads the Lagrangian written in a compact form, close to the one used in publications. It means that Lagrangian terms can be written with summation over indices of broken symmetries and using special symbols for complicated expressions, such as covariant derivative and strength tensor for gauge fields. Supersymmetric theories can be described using the superpotential formalism and the 2-component fermion notation. The output is Feynman rules in terms of physical fields and independent parameters in the form of CompHEP model files, which allows one to start calculations of processes in the new physical model. Alternatively, Feynman rules can be generated in FeynArts format or as LaTeX table. One-loop counterterms can be generated in FeynArts format. (Source:

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