Algorithm 920: SFSDP: A Sparse Version of Full Semidefinite Programming Relaxation for Sensor Network Localization Problems SFSDP is a Matlab package for solving sensor network localization (SNL) problems. These types of problems arise in monitoring and controlling applications using wireless sensor networks. SFSDP implements the semidefinite programming (SDP) relaxation proposed in Kim et al. [2009] for sensor network localization problems, as a sparse version of the full semidefinite programming relaxation (FSDP) by Biswas and Ye [2004]. To improve the efficiency of FSDP, SFSDP exploits the aggregated and correlative sparsity of a sensor network localization problem. As a result, SFSDP can handle much larger problems than other software as well as three-dimensional anchor-free problems. SFSDP analyzes the input data of a sensor network localization problem, solves the problem, and displays the computed locations of sensors. SFSDP also includes the features of generating test problems for numerical experiments

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