R package deSolve: General solvers for initial value problems of ordinary differential equations (ODE), partial differential equations (PDE), differential algebraic equations (DAE), and delay differential equations (DDE) , Functions that solve initial value problems of a system of first-order ordinary differential equations (ODE), of partial differential equations (PDE), of differential algebraic equations (DAE), and of delay differential equations. The functions provide an interface to the FORTRAN functions lsoda, lsodar, lsode, lsodes of the ODEPACK collection, to the FORTRAN functions dvode and daspk and a C-implementation of solvers of the Runge-Kutta family with fixed or variable time steps. The package contains routines designed for solving ODEs resulting from 1-D, 2-D and 3-D partial differential equations (PDE) that have been converted to ODEs by numerical differencing. (Source:

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