ExSpect 6.4: An executable specification tool for hierarchical colored Petri nets ExSpect is a software tool for discrete process modelling. It is suitable for business process modelling, production chain modelling, use case modelling, etcetera.An ExSpect model describes a process in terms of a collection of subtasks that communicate by message passing. The network of subtasks is displayed and edited graphically. A subtask can itself have a process model; this allows large models to be decomposed into manageable parts. Models can be analysed for structural correctness properties, and their behaviour can be observed through simulation, either step-by-step, continuous or with breakpoints. An ExSpect simulation can create or use external files; it is even possible to use an ExSpect simulation component. ExSpect can import process models created by other tools, notably Transflow’s COSA workflows and Pallas Athena’s Protos models.

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