Mechanics of composite materials Today’s composite materials often outshine traditional materials; they are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and strong. Used in everything from aircraft structures to golf clubs, and serving industries from medicine to space exploration, composites are an exciting field of study for students, engineers, and researchers around the world. New applications of these versatile materials are being found daily. This innovative book provides a complete introduction to the mechanical behavior of composites. Geared to upper-level and graduate students, or practicing engineers and scientists interested in updating their knowledge, Mechanics of Composite Materials is a new approach to the topic. Unlike old-style texts, this book introduces the basics of composites through frequently asked questions the author answers from his considerable experience as a professor and researcher in the field. The text is supplemented by user-friendly PROMAL software, which allows readers to conduct studies, compare theories, design structures, and quickly access the information in tables and graphs. Richly illustrated and filled with problems, reviews, and examples, this is an excellent assessment of an exciting field.

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