HOSS: an implementation of the combined finite-discrete element method. Nearly thirty years since its inception, the combined finite-discrete element method (FDEM) has made remarkable strides in becoming a mainstream analysis tool within the field of Computational Mechanics. FDEM was developed to effectively “bridge the gap” between two disparate Computational Mechanics approaches known as the finite and discrete element methods. At Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) researchers developed the Hybrid Optimization Software Suite (HOSS) as a hybrid multi-physics platform, based on FDEM, for the simulation of solid material behavior complemented with the latest technological enhancements for full fluid–solid interaction. In HOSS, several newly developed FDEM algorithms have been implemented that yield more accurate material deformation formulations, inter-particle interaction solvers, and fracture and fragmentation solutions. In addition, an explicit computational fluid dynamics solver and a novel fluid–solid interaction algorithms have been fully integrated (as opposed to coupled) into the HOSS’ solid mechanical solver, allowing for the study of an even wider range of problems. Advancements such as this are leading HOSS to become a tool of choice for multi-physics problems. HOSS has been successfully applied by a myriad of researchers for analysis in rock mechanics, oil and gas industries, engineering application (structural, mechanical and biomedical engineering), mining, blast loading, high velocity impact, as well as seismic and acoustic analysis. This paper intends to summarize the latest development and application efforts for HOSS

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