The CCA core specification in a distributed memory SPMD framework. We present an overview of the Common Component Architecture (CCA) core specification and CCAFFEINE, a Sandia National Laboratories framework implementation compliant with the draft specification. CCAFFEINE stands for CCA Fast Framework Example In Need of Everything; that is, CCAFFEINE is fast, lightweight, and it aims to provide every framework service by using external, portable components instead of integrating all services into a single, heavy framework core. By fast, we mean that the CCAFFEINE glue does not get between components in a way that slows down their interactions. We present the CCAFFEINE solutions to several fundamental problems in the application of component software approaches to the construction of single program multiple data (SPMD) applications. We demonstrate the integration of components from three organizations, two within Sandia and one at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. We outline some requirements for key enabling facilities needed for a successful component approach to SPMD application building.