homalg: a meta-package for homological algebra. The central notion of this work is that of a functor between categories of finitely presented modules over so-called computable rings, i.e. rings R where one can algorithmically solve inhomogeneous linear equations with coefficients in R. The paper describes a way allowing one to realize such functors, e.g. Hom R , ⊗ R , Ext R i , Tor i R , as a mathematical object in a computer algebra system. Once this is achieved, one can compose and derive functors and even iterate this process without the need of any specific knowledge of these functors. These ideas are realized in the ring independent package homalg. It is designed to extend any computer algebra software implementing the arithmetics of a computable ring R, as soon as the latter contains algorithms to solve inhomogeneous linear equations with coefficients in R. Beside explaining how this suffices, the paper describes the nature of the extensions provided by homalg

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Further publications can be found at: http://homalg.math.rwth-aachen.de/index.php/publications