CUTEr and SifDec: a constrained and unconstrained testing environment, revisited. The initial release of CUTE, a widely used testing environment for optimization software, was described by {it I. Bongartz}, et al. [ibid. 21, No. 1, 123--160 (1995; Zbl 0886.65058)]. A new version, now known as CUTEr, is presented. Features include reorganisation of the environment to allow simultaneous multi-platform installation, new tools for, and interfaces to, optimization packages, and a considerably simplified and entirely automated installation procedure for unix systems. The environment is fully backward compatible with its predecessor, and offers support for Fortran 90/95 and a general C/C++ Application Programming Interface. The SIF decoder, formerly a part of CUTE, has become a separate tool, easily callable by various packages. It features simple extensions to the SIF test problem format and the generation of files suited to automatic differentiation packages.

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