OpenVOGEL is an open source project developing practical tools to solve aeromechanic problems (the fusion of aerodynamics, elasticity and dynamics) using .NET. The main tool that we generate is called Tucan, an integrated program that provides in single graphical interface a complete set of tools to generate from scratch, calculate and analyze aircraft models. The software combines several parametric meshing algorithms, unsteady flow theory based in first order panels, structural dynamics by finite elements (and modal decomposition), rigid body dynamics and 3D graphics in OpenGL. The project also also delivers a more advanced tool based on a command line console and Scilab scrips. This tool contains some specialized simulation modules focused on critical design aspects of an aircraft model, like range performance and mass balance. Finally, the project also provides standalone .NET dynamic libraries that can be linked to any .NET project needing to solve aeromechanic problems. This makes this project the most complete solution available in native .NET for aeromechanics.