MultiVis: Content-based Social Network Exploration Through Multi-way Visual Analysis. With the explosion of social media, scalability becomes a key challenge. There are two main aspects of the problems that arise: 1) data volume: how to manage and analyze huge datasets to efficiently extract patterns, 2) data understanding: how to facilitate understanding of the patterns by users? To address both aspects of the scalability challenge, we present a hybrid approach that leverages two complementary disciplines, data mining and information visualization. In particular, we propose 1) an analytic data model for content-based networks using tensors; 2) an efficient high-order clustering framework for analyzing the data; 3) a scalable context-sensitive graph visualization to present the clusters. We evaluate the proposed methods using both synthetic and real datasets. In terms of computational efficiency, the proposed methods are an order of magnitude faster compared to the baseline. In terms of effectiveness, we present several case studies of real corporate social networks.