pyFCI: A package for multiscale-full-correlation-integral intrinsic dimension estimation. Python code for the paper ”Intrinsic dimension estimation for locally undersampled data”. Identifying the minimal number of parameters needed to describe a dataset is a challenging problem known in the literature as intrinsic dimension estimation. All the existing intrinsic dimension estimators are not reliable whenever the dataset is locally undersampled, and this is at the core of the so called curse of dimensionality. Here we introduce a new intrinsic dimension estimator that leverages on simple properties of the tangent space of a manifold and extends the usual correlation integral estimator to alleviate the extreme undersampling problem. Based on this insight, we explore a multiscale generalization of the algorithm that is capable of (i) identifying multiple dimensionalities in a dataset, and (ii) providing accurate estimates of the intrinsic dimension of extremely curved manifolds. We test the method on manifolds generated from global transformations of high-contrast images, relevant for invariant object recognition and considered a challenge for state-of-the-art intrinsic dimension estimators.

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  1. Jonathan Bac, Evgeny M. Mirkes, Alexander N. Gorban, Ivan Tyukin, Andrei Zinovyev: Scikit-dimension: a Python package for intrinsic dimension estimation (2021) arXiv