VAC: Versatile Advection Code. The Versatile Advection Code is a general tool for solving hydrodynamical and magnetohydrodynamical problems arising in astrophysics. The software package uses modern high-resolution shock-capturing numerical schemes to solve a hyperbolic system of partial differential equations with additional non-hyperbolic source terms. Due to its modular structure the code can be easily configured for different sets of equations. Simulations can be done on a general 1, 2 or 3D structured grid. In 1D and 2D both axial and slab symmetry can be assumed for the ignored dimension(s). The source code is written in a dimension independent notation using the new Loop Annotation Syntax. It can be translated to Fortran 90, especially suited for data-parallel computers, or Fortran 77. A user interface based on web browsers, online manuals, and macros for several visualisation softwares make the package complete and user-friendly.

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