SoRoSim: a MATLAB Toolbox for Soft Robotics Based on the Geometric Variable-strain Approach. Soft robotics has been a trending topic within the robotics community for almost two decades. However, the available tools for the community to model and analyze soft robotics artifacts are still limited. This paper presents the development of a user-friendly MATLAB toolbox, SoRoSim, that integrates the Geometric Variable Strain model to facilitate the modeling, analysis, and simulation of hybrid rigid-soft open-chain robotic systems. The toolbox implements a recursive, two-level nested quadrature scheme to solve the model. We demonstrate several examples and applications to validate the toolbox and explore the toolbox’s capabilities to efficiently model a vast range of robotic systems, considering different actuators and external loads, including the fluid-structure interactions. We think that the soft-robotics research community will benefit from the SoRoSim toolbox for a wide variety of applications.

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