The vision of k2 is to be able to seamlessly integrate Finite State Automaton (FSA) and Finite State Transducer (FST) algorithms into autograd-based machine learning toolkits like PyTorch and TensorFlow. For speech recognition applications, this should make it easy to interpolate and combine various training objectives such as cross-entropy, CTC and MMI and to jointly optimize a speech recognition system with multiple decoding passes including lattice rescoring and confidence estimation. We hope k2 will have many other applications as well. One of the key algorithms that we want to make efficient in the short term is pruned composition of a generic FSA with a ”dense” FSA (i.e. one that corresponds to log-probs of symbols at the output of a neural network). This can be used as a fast implementation of decoding for ASR, and for CTC and LF-MMI training. This won’t give a direct advantage in terms of Word Error Rate when compared with existing technology; but the point is to do this in a much more general and extensible framework to allow further development of ASR technology.

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