PyODDS: An End-to-end Outlier Detection System with Automated Machine Learning. Outlier detection is an important task for various data mining applications. Current outlier detection techniques are often manually designed for specific domains, requiring large human efforts of database setup, algorithm selection, and hyper-parameter tuning. To fill this gap, we present PyODDS, an automated end-to-end Python system for Outlier Detection with Database Support, which automatically optimizes an outlier detection pipeline for a new data source at hand. Specifically, we define the search space in the outlier detection pipeline, and produce a search strategy within the given search space. PyODDS enables end-to-end executions based on an Apache Spark backend server and a light-weight database. It also provides unified interfaces and visualizations for users with or without data science or machine learning background. In particular, we demonstrate PyODDS on several real-world datasets, with quantification analysis and visualization results.