Antenna Toolbox

Antenna Toolbox: Design, analyze, and visualize antenna elements and antenna arrays. Antenna Toolbox™ provides functions and apps for the design, analysis, and visualization of antenna elements and arrays. You can design standalone antennas and build arrays of antennas using either predefined elements with parameterized geometry or arbitrary planar elements. Antenna Toolbox uses the method of moments (MoM) to compute port properties such as impedance, surface properties such as current and charge distribution, and field properties such as the near-field and far-field radiation pattern. You can visualize antenna geometry and analysis results in 2D and 3D. You can integrate antennas and arrays into wireless systems and use impedance analysis to design matching networks. Antenna Toolbox provides radiation patterns for simulating beam forming and beam steering algorithms. Gerber files can be generated from your design for manufacturing printed circuit board (PCB) antennas. You can install the antennas on large platforms such as cars or airplanes and analyze the effects of the structure on antenna performance. A site viewer enables you to visualize antenna coverage on a 3D terrain map using a variety of propagation models.

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