The 2004 International Planning Competition, IPC-4, will include a probabilistic planning track for the first time. This document lays out some of the high level decisions that have been made concerning how the competition will be run. The details are still in flux at the time of this writing, and we hope to get feedback from the participants to spelled them out more precisely during the fall. The overriding goal of the probabilistic planning track is to bring together two communities converging on a similar set of research issues and aid them in creating comparable tools and approaches. One community consists of Markov decision process (MDP) researchers interested in developing algorithms that apply to powerfully expressive representations of environments. The other consists of planning researchers incorporating probabilistic and decision theoretic concepts into their planning algorithms. Cross fertilization has begun, but the probabilistic planning track promises a set of shared benchmarks and evaluation metrics that could crystallize efforts in this domain of study.

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