Adaptive transform for manifold-valued data: The software consists of three main parts: 1) An implementation of the (bandlimited) α-shearlet transform (in AlphaTransform.py, in three versions: A fully sampled (non-decimated), translation invariant, fast, but memory-consuming implementation; A fully sampled, translation invariant, slightly slower, but memory-efficient implementation. A subsampled (decimated), not translation invariant, but fast and memory-efficient implementation. 2) Implementations (in AdaptiveAlpha.py) of three criteria that can be used to adaptively choose the value of α, namely: The asymptotic approximation rate (AAR), the mean approximation error (MAE), the thresholding denoising performance (TDP). 3) A chart-based implementation (in SphereTransform.py) of the α-shearlet transform for functions defined on the sphere.

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