Zippy: A Framework for Computation and Visualization on a GPU Cluster. Due to its high performance/cost ratio, a GPU cluster is an attractive platform for large scale general-purpose computation and visualization applications. However, the programming model for high performance general- purpose computation on GPU clusters remains a complex problem. In this paper, we introduce the Zippy frame- work, a general and scalable solution to this problem. It abstracts the GPU cluster programming with a two-level parallelism hierarchy and a non-uniform memory access (NUMA) model. Zippy preserves the advantages of both message passing and shared-memory models. It employs global arrays (GA) to simplify the communication, syn- chronization, and collaboration among multiple GPUs. Moreover, it exposes data locality to the programmer for optimal performance and scalability. We present three example applications developed with Zippy: sort-last vol- ume rendering, Marching Cubes isosurface extraction and rendering, and lattice Boltzmann flow simulation with online visualization. They demonstrate that Zippy can ease the development and integration of parallel visualiza- tion, graphics, and computation modules on a GPU cluster.

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