PROVID: Progressive and Multimodal Vehicle Reidentification for Large-Scale Urban Surveillance. Compared with person reidentification, which has attracted concentrated attention, vehicle reidentification is an important yet frontier problem in video surveillance and has been neglected by the multimedia and vision communities. Since most existing approaches mainly consider the general vehicle appearance for reidentification while overlooking the distinct vehicle identifier, such as the license plate number, they attain suboptimal performance. In this paper, we propose PROVID, a PROgressive Vehicle re-IDentification framework based on deep neural networks. In particular, our framework not only utilizes the multimodality data in large-scale video surveillance, such as visual features, license plates, camera locations, and contextual information, but also considers vehicle reidentification in two progressive procedures: coarse-to-fine search in the feature domain, and near-to-distant search in the physical space. Furthermore, to evaluate our progressive search framework and facilitate related research, we construct the VeRi dataset, which is the most comprehensive dataset from real-world surveillance videos. It not only provides large numbers of vehicles with varied labels and sufficient cross-camera recurrences but also contains license plate numbers and contextual information. Extensive experiments on the VeRi dataset demonstrate both the accuracy and efficiency of our progressive vehicle reidentification framework.

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