FROSch: a fast and robust overlapping Schwarz domain decomposition preconditioner based on Xpetra in Trilinos. A parallel two-level overlapping Schwarz domain decomposition preconditioner has been integrated into the Trilinos ShyLU-package. The preconditioner uses an energy-minimizing coarse space and can be constructed from an assembled sparse matrix. The software implements variants of the two-level overlapping Schwarz method from [Dohrmann, Klawonn, Widlund, SINUM 2008], where it was denoted Generalized Dryja, Smith, Widlund (GDSW). The implementation is based on [Heinlein, Klawonn, Rheinbach, SISC 2016] but has been improved significantly with respect to efficiency, generality, e.g., for the use of Tpetra instead of Epetra matrices, and its interface.

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