IVREG2: Stata module for extended instrumental variables/2SLS and GMM estimation. ivreg2 provides extensions to Stata’s official ivregress and newey. Its main capabilities: two-step feasible GMM estimation; continuously updated GMM estimation (CUE); LIML and k-class estimation; automatic output of the Hansen-Sargan or Anderson-Rubin statistic for overidentifying restrictions; C statistic test of exogeneity of subsets of instruments (orthog() option); kernel-based autocorrelation-consistent (AC) and heteroskedastic and autocorrelation-consistent (HAC) estimation, with user-specified choice of kernel; Cragg’s ”heteroskedastic OLS” (HOLS) estimator; default reporting of large-sample statistics (z and chi-squared rather than t and F); small option to report small-sample statistics; first-stage regression reported with F-test of excluded instruments and R-squared with included instruments ”partialled-out”; enhanced Kleibergen-Paap and Cragg-Donald tests for weak instruments, redundancy of instruments, significance of endogenous regressors; two-way clustering of standard errors; Kiefer and Driscoll-Kraay standard errors. ivreg2 can also be used for ordinary least squares (OLS) estimation using the same command syntax as Stata’s official regress and newey. New in this version: ivreg2 now supports factor variables. This is version 4.1.11 of ivreg2, updated from that published in Stata Journal, 5(4), requiring Stata 11.2 or better. Stata 8.2/9.2/10.2 users may use this routine, which will automatically call ivreg28, ivreg29, or ivreg210, respectively. These versions are now included in the ivreg2 package. Stata 7 users may use the Stata Journal version of ivreg2, accessible via net search ivreg2.

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