GeneScout: a data mining system for predicting vertebrate genes in genomic DNA sequences. Automated detection or prediction of coding sequences from within genomic DNA has been a major rate-limiting step in the pursuit of vertebrate genes. Programs currently available are far from being powerful enough to elucidate a gene structure completely. In this paper, we present a new system, called GeneScout, for predicting gene structures in vertebrate genomic DNA. The system contains specially designed hidden Markov models (HMMs) for detecting functional sites including protein-translation start sites, mRNA splicing junction donor and acceptor sites, etc. An HMM model is also proposed for exon coding potential computation. Our main hypothesis is that, given a vertebrate genomic DNA sequence S, it is always possible to construct a directed acyclic graph G such that the path for the actual coding region of S is in the set of all paths on G. Thus, the gene detection problem is reduced to that of analyzing the paths in the graph G. A dynamic programming algorithm is used to find the optimal path in G. The proposed system is trained using an expectation-maximization algorithm and its performance on vertebrate gene prediction is evaluated using the 10-way cross-validation method. Experimental results show that the proposed system performs well and is comparable to existing gene discovery tools.

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