Application of a new AMIQAS computer program for integrated quality control, method evaluation and proficiency testing. The computer program AMI - Quality Assessment Scheme (AMIQAS) was designed to give easy statistical management of analytical data in relation to method evaluation, internal quality control and proficiency testing. The program is designed in accordance with the recommendation of the ISO 5725 guideline and other official recommendations. The program consists of a database, test for outliers, statistics and graphs for evaluation of an analytical method for chemical, biological and environmental analysis, different control charts to be used in day-to-day internal quality control (Shewhart charts and z-charts). Finally the program has facilities to perform proficiency testing (also called external quality control) and produce the relevant evaluation reports for the documentation of method performance and quality control of results of measurements. The present paper demonstrates the applicability of the AMIQAS program for integrated method evaluation, internal quality control and proficiency testing using the determination of the concentration of lead in human whole blood as the numerical example.

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