A Modelica Library for Modeling of Fuel Cells. FuelCellLib is a Modelica library for the dynamic modeling of fuel cells (FC). It is intended to be used for: (1) enhancing the understanding of the physical-chemical phenomena involved in the fuel-cell operation; and (2) optimizing the performance of the fuel cells. Physical phenomena are modeled using different hypotheses, in order to allow different levels of detail in the fuel-cell description. FuelCellLib version 1.0 (release on January, 2005) is free software, and it will be available on the website of the Modelica Association.

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  1. Rubio, Miguel A.; Urquia, Alfonso; Dormido, Sebastian: Dynamic modelling of PEM fuel cells using the FuelCellLib Modelica library (2010) ioport

Further publications can be found at: http://www.euclides.dia.uned.es/marubio/publications.html