Segregation Analyzer

Segregation Analyzer: A C#.Net Application for Calculating Residential Segregation Indices. Segregation indices are today well known and increasingly used in urban studies. However, in the absence of specialized computer tools, calculating segregation indices soon becomes a long and complicated process. The odd free applications designed to calculate indices are implemented in geographic information systems (ArcInfo, ArcView and MapInfo). Users wishing to calculate indices by way of these applications must have the GIS software that contains the application and also a sufficient understanding of how to use geographic information systems—two conditions that can limit the use and correspondingly, broad access to residential segregation indices. To remedy this situation, we propose an independent and free application developed in C#.Net called Segregation Analyzer that allows some forty segregation indices (unigroup, intergroup, and multigroup) to be calculated quickly and easily, regardless of the data or city being studied. This application can be downloaded free of charge from the Spatial Analysis and Regional Economics Laboratory —SAREL— Web site (

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