The GeneOptimizer Algorithm: using a sliding window approach to cope with the vast sequence space in multiparameter DNA sequence optimization. One of the main advantages of de novo gene synthesis is the fact that it frees the researcher from any limitations imposed by the use of natural templates. To make the most out of this opportunity, efficient algorithms are needed to calculate a coding sequence, combining different requirements, such as adapted codon usage or avoidance of restriction sites, in the best possible way. We present an algorithm where a “variation window” covering several amino acid positions slides along the coding sequence. Candidate sequences are built comprising the already optimized part of the complete sequence and all possible combinations of synonymous codons representing the amino acids within the window. The candidate sequences are assessed with a quality function, and the first codon of the best candidates’ variation window is fixed. Subsequently the window is shifted by one codon position. As an example of a freely accessible software implementing the algorithm, we present the Mr. Gene web-application. Additionally two experimental applications of the algorithm are shown.

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