designv2: A FORTRAN program for calculating the optimal designs for the log(potency) of comparative binary dose-response models with no control mortality and alternative link functions. It also evaluates these designs using General Equivalence Theorem results. A related article is to be published in the Journal of Statistical Planning: Optimal designs for criteria involving log(potency) in comparative binary bioassays. Optimal designs are investigated for bioassays involving two parallel dose-response relationships, where estimating relative potency is the main interest. Local and Bayesian D-optimal designs are considered, as well as D$_s$-optimal designs where the mean response of one substance (standard) is regarded as of no interest. A range of link functions relating expected responses to $log$(dose) are considered. The range of prior distributions used for the Bayesian optimal designs includes uniform, trivariate normal and a bivariate normal with an independent uniform for $log$(potency). Because of the lack of closed form solutions for Bayesian optimal designs, much of the investigation is numerical and extends work pertaining to a single binary dose-response.