iSpec is a tool for the treatment and analysis of stellar spectra. Some of the main functionalities for spectra treatment and library creation that are integrated into iSpec are the following: Cosmic rays removal; Continuum normalization; Resolution degradation. Radial velocity determination and correction; Telluric lines identification; Re-sampling. Atmospheric parameters and chemical abundances. iSpec is capable of determining atmospheric parameters (i.e effective temperature, surface gravity, metallicity, micro/macroturbulence, rotation) and individual chemical abundances for FGKM stars by using two different approaches: synthetic spectra fitting technique or equivalent widths method. iSpec integrates MARCS and ATLAS model atmospheres together with the following radial transfer codes: SPECTRUM R. O. Gray; Turbospectrum Bertrand Plez; SME Valenti & Piskunov; MOOG Chris Sneden; Synthe/WIDTH9 Kurucz/Atmos. (publication: Determining stellar atmospheric parameters and chemical abundances of FGK stars with iSpec).

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