This project is an international and interdisciplinary collaboration for addressing the problem of programming crisis in computational sciences [Post 2004], [Post 2005], [Lazar]. The component based approach with visual, automatic, intelligent assembling of components brings programming to new heights where the borderline between developers and users, writing new code and reusing old one, becomes diffuse. Once mature and widespread, component oriented programming will be the magic wand of disseminating science within the scientific community while making science accesible for everyone outside the community. What makes COMODI different? We are committed to make the learning curve for developers the shortest possible without enforcing compatibility with some newly defined interfaces, knowledge of object-oriented concepts or other programming languages than the developer is used to. We believe that the success of the project is up to the scientific software developer community in the first place. COMODI’s popularity among non-programmer users will become an issue once the developer community has formed a certain tradition in producing and reusing computational components and the distributed component repository will provide a sufficient variety and quality of components such that ”non-programmer” scientists can easily and confidently assemble computational projects. The framework is constructed bottom-up with regular functions as atomic components. We claim that higher level constructs can be built on the top of this atomic layer.

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