Chombo-Crunch is a high-performance software package which has been developed jointly by research scientists from Applied Numerical Algorithms Group, Computational Research Division (PI: David Trebotich) and Earth Sciences Division at LBNL for large-scale numerical simulations of complex fluid flows with particular interest in modeling of subsurface flows. One important application example of subsurface flow is a carbon sequestration - the process of capturing carbon dioxide before it enters the atmosphere and transferring it into the earth. It is a promising technique to help control greenhouse gas emissions and attenuate climate change. From numerical point of view, modeling of carbon sequestration process is a challenge due to need to solve equations in very complex fractal geometry and to incorporate all important physical mechanisms occurring at vast range of scales - from order of 100 kilometers at reservoir scale to submicron at pore scale. To address these challenges, Chombo-Crunch has been developed by merging high performance CFD capabilities of Chombo package with the geochemistry package CrunchFlow to model reactive transport processes in resolved pore space.

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