DeepFix: A Fully Convolutional Neural Network for predicting Human Eye Fixations. Understanding and predicting the human visual attentional mechanism is an active area of research in the fields of neuroscience and computer vision. In this work, we propose DeepFix, a first-of-its-kind fully convolutional neural network for accurate saliency prediction. Unlike classical works which characterize the saliency map using various hand-crafted features, our model automatically learns features in a hierarchical fashion and predicts saliency map in an end-to-end manner. DeepFix is designed to capture semantics at multiple scales while taking global context into account using network layers with very large receptive fields. Generally, fully convolutional nets are spatially invariant which prevents them from modeling location dependent patterns (e.g. centre-bias). Our network overcomes this limitation by incorporating a novel Location Biased Convolutional layer. We evaluate our model on two challenging eye fixation datasets -- MIT300, CAT2000 and show that it outperforms other recent approaches by a significant margin.

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