CFDMARK: A CFD-based benchmark for high-performance computer systems. CFDMARK is a benchmark specifically devised to gauge the performance of computer systems used in the execution of CFD codes. It differs from the industry standard benchmarks such as LINPACK by measuring system performance on real CFD test cases. These consist of six models built into the general-purpose, two-dimensional, multiphase, pressure-correction-based CFD code, CASCADE. They range in complexity from a simple moving lid cavity problem to a two-phase blast furnace simulation. The CFDMARK is calculated on the basis of the performance of these tests. A total of 17 computers—ranging from a 386 PC to a CRAY Y-MP supercomputer—were evaluated, and their performance was ranked according to CFDMARK. The results for 14 machines are presented here. The performance ranking according to the more representative CFDMARK is significantly different from that produced by LINPACK.

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