PhreePlot - creating graphical output with PHREEQC. PhreePlot contains an embedded version of PHREEQC. PhreePlot sits on top of PHREEQC and makes it relatively straightforward to do repetitive PHREEQC calculations, the type of calculations that are often needed to make a plot. PhreePlot uses tags placed within the PHREEQC input file to identify places where substitutions are to be made and has several looping mechanisms to control the values substituted. It also contains software for generating Postscript (ps) plot files and a bundled version of Ghostscript () for converting these to a variety of other image formats. GSview and GSView are two viewers for ps files, both based on Ghostscript, that may be useful ancillary programs to install. In addition to normal PHREEQC-type calculations, PhreePlot can be used to generate predominance diagrams, make 2D-contour plots and to fit PHREEQC models to observations using various optimization routines.

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