ProPlan - Production Planning Software. ProPlan is a process-planning simulator. The product is an extremely powerful, yet user-friendly application that facilitates the optimization and planning of plant operations. An economic analysis together with flexible planning of products and or capacities may be conducted for the complete plant. The software utilizes a user-friendly graphical user-interface. ProPlan simulates plant operations by performing block-by-block calculations to determine all streams (e.g. feedstock, naphtha, oils, and blended products) flowing between the various units of the plant (e.g. splitter, crude unit, FCC). The simulator uses non-linear equations to predict yields, product properties, and the consumption of utilities. When Optimizer is set to be ON, the profitability is maximized employing a powerful NLP and LP solver that determines the optimum operating conditions and allocation of components to finished products, subject to user-specified quality concerns.

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