Maple rifsimp - simplify overdetermined polynomially nonlinear PDE or ODE systems: The rifsimp function can be used to simplify or rework overdetermined systems of polynomially nonlinear PDEs or ODEs and inequations to a more useful form -- relative standard form. The rifsimp function does not solve PDE systems, but provides existence and uniqueness information, and can be used as a first step to their solution. As an example, inconsistent systems can be detected by rifsimp. Basically, given an input PDE system, and a list of dependent variables or constants to solve for, rifsimp returns the simplified PDE system along with any existence conditions required for the simplified system to hold. Detailed examples of the use of rifsimp for various systems (along with some explanation of the algorithm) can be found in DEtools[rifsimp,overview]. Other options are sometimes required along with the specification of the system and its solving variables. For common options, please see DEtools[rifsimp,options], and for more advanced use, please see DEtools[rifsimp,adv_options].

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