BANKADVISER: an industrial evaluation system. BANKADVISER is a multicriteria industrial evaluation system. It provides evaluations of individual items such as firms, industries, companies, industrial clients, etc. within a set of similar ones. The evaluations take into account not only the own scores of the item but also those of the other ones in the set (positioning). The evaluation procedure is based on financial data from the balance sheet and the income statement of each item. BANKADVISER is particularly useful for decision-makers, financial analysts, banks, insurance companies, etc. when they have to make decisions about their industrial clients. The system allows to manage the data about clients, to analyse their economic profile, to detect their strong and weak features, to evaluate any risk associated with them. Decisions such as whether or not to provide a loan, fix the loan modalities (interest, terms, etc.), offer guarantee for foreign activities, cover some deficits, etc., can easily be finalized after the BANKADVISER evaluation. BANKADVISER is a visual interactive modelling system. It is interactive because for each item, the user has the opportunity to run through one part of the information to another, because he can ask for additional information on the strong or the weak features of the profile, because comparison with similar items can be given on request. It is a modelling system because an intricate multicriteria situation is modelled by using the extended PROMETHEE MCDM methodology. BANKADVISER has been implemented on a microcomputer. For the sake of an effective presentation, the paper has been written according to the structure of the microcomputer software. It is illustrated by data of a real-world application.